Patched vests - The Real Biker Look

 People are like Motorcycles: each is customized a bit differently.”

The leather biker vest is an iconic clothing of the motorcycle culture.Did you know that motorcycle patches were first seen in America in the 1920s? Members of the American Motorcyclist Association had patches on their jackets showing off the club logo, name and their region.

We certainly have come a long way from then! A motorcycle vest today displays more than that. Biker back patches or front patches not only signify club memberships these days but also, places visited by the biker, a sentiment, or a simple fun statement depicting the thoughts of the biker

The Bikers nowadays can be seen sporting a leather motorcycle jacket or a leather motorcycle vest with embroidered patches. Our motorcycle back patches and front patches are quirky, fun and bold. Whether you want to claim the title of the “Queen of Hearts” or send out a warning or be sarcastic, we have it! Go ahead, pick out a vest, some patches, and make it “You”

We have a variety of motorcycle clothing that can also be customized for you, as per your special requirements.Add your own back patch or front patch to a men’s leather vest or a women’s leather vest and proudly reveal your individuality.




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