Our story


Bikers are passionate, crazy and exciting people, who follow their heart, united in their passion for adventure, the feeling of freedom of the open roads and forging of lifelong bonds of brotherhood. This passion finds it’s expression in the motorcycles they ride, the accessories they use and the clothes they wear.



When I and my bikers group saw the choices currently available for motorcycle riders, we were either unable to find something to our liking or what we liked, pinched our pockets! What was lacking, was the availability of a motorcycle clothing company in India that could bring you the international styles and designs at the best price!



We are that company, and we will ensure you hog the limelight !! So whether you are riding your bike or doing other things (while still thinking about riding your bike), you will find your expression in Motohog's stylish apparel products.



Wear our clothes and even the time between the rides will no longer be your excuse to not be cool !



This is just the beginning. We have a range of trendy stuff lined up on a regular basis going forward, so stay with us as we go for this ride together.



Keep Riding...Keep Living....Fully..!!



Ride Hard....Ride Safe,  

Mannish Yadav

Founder and Chief Biker